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Led by Adam Verboys, a pioneering spirit from Northern Pennsylvania, Verboys Interior Design & Projects is an all hands on deck, roll up the sleeves design practice. Adam and his team are able to manipulate the simplest of spaces into chic, comfortable and authentic designs. Whether your home is large or small, your primary residence or a second property, Adam will see each detail through personally, with the help of one of his in house architectural designers.

Estate planning and large scale interior architectural projects make up a significant portion of Verboys’ annual roster and receive every bit of Adam’s dedication to a refined and sophisticated living environment as do his long list of clients that have been with him from their first kitchen redesign, through shore houses and investment properties.

Principal Designer, Verboys Interiors

Adam Verboys

Adam has over fifteen years of experience working directly with clients on all types of home design projects. He has worked with firms in New York, Boston and Philadelphia and these experiences have shaped his approach to his own projects. A personal touch is important and Adam likes to be face to face with each and every client and project. Adam is renovating a lake house in upstate and you can often find him riding one of his horses overseeing the work on his property.

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