how we work

Our Process

First Step

Initial Discussion

All projects start the same way, with a conversation. Adam’s experience will help guide you through a better understanding of your project goals.

Second Step

Site Visit

Adam and his team will visit your project space to ideate, ask questions and re-iterate the project goals. This is a time for Adam to clarify the direction, design aesthetic, and project goals. Adam and his team will listen to your ideas and initial inspiration is generated on this visit. The site visit is critical in creation of an accurate proposal.

Third Step

Proposal Creation

Based on what is learned in the first two steps, an accurate pricing quote and proposal is generated. This proposal will act as the thesis for the project and will be relied upon throughout the project as a roadmap.

Fourth Step

Design Phase

After the proposal is agreed upon, the design phase of the project will commence. Adam and his team will show you a variety of options for each room and will create iterations and until you are happy with a final design. 

Final Step


Now that we've selected the paint, the drapes created custom furniture and designed the rooms based off of the information received during the proposal, it's time to implement! We will set up everything and coordinate with you. 

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